Blanchard and A Bassi


Technology to enable the 

APAC client advisor

Watch this webinar to learn what technology wealth management client advisors 

in APAC use to stay compliant and realise more business opportunities. 

Leaders in the APAC wealth management marketplace are investing in technology to boost efficiency when reaching and engaging with an APAC customer base.

In this webinar, five players in the APAC financial space discuss various ways wealth management firms can use technology to empower their advisors and provide better services to their clients.

Watch here: 


Key trends in APAC wealth management firms

What have they done so far with technology to enable their advisers?

Understand the expectations of APAC advisors

What are the needs and preferences of advisors for technologies and tools?

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Opportunities, future trends and roadblocks

How to use technology efficiently and overcome obstacles?


Alan Blanchard, Head of Business Development UK at Apiax

With 14 years of experience in compliance and legal sectors, Alan is now leading the UK activities for Apiax. He worked for the Financial Conduct Authority before joining APIAX to deliver on the huge potential of making compliance easy for everyone.


Mario Bassi, Senior Advisor and Lead Business Development APAC at The Wealth Mosaic

Mario is a senior business developer and strategist with a vast array of experience from high ranking positions across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Apiax empowers financial institutions to embed compliance checks right into their business processes.

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