How to optimise client portfolios for after-tax returns

Watch our webinar to learn about the impact of tax on investments and how to build tax-efficient investment portfolios.

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80% of survey participants say that choosing the most tax-efficient investments can contribute more than 25 basis points to portfolio performance. But how can companies measure the impact of tax systematically and build tax-efficient portfolios?

Watch this webinar with Ralf Huber, Co-founder of Apiax, and Michael Taschner, Head of Sustainable Finance and Wealth Management at swissQuant to find out.

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How to measure the impact of tax on investments systematically

How to build tax-efficient investment portfolios

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Live demo of a portfolio optimisation for after-tax returns within a portfolio management tool


Ralf Huber, Co-founder, Apiax

Ranked amongst the 25 top minds reshaping the financial industry in Switzerland, Ralf is a Co-founder of Apiax - a technology company that is changing the way financial firms deal with regulations. Ralf has over 16 years of legal and compliance experience within the financial industry and has always been passionate about standardization and leveraging technology to simplify the demands of modern legal and compliance work. 

Michael Taschner, Head of Sustainable Finance and Wealth Management, swissQuant

12 years of experience in the areas of Sustainable Finance and Risk Management as well as in the implementation of national and international regulatory frameworks for banks, asset managers and insurance companies.

Apiax empowers financial institutions to embed compliance checks right into their business processes.

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