How efficient is your process for preparing compliant sales materials?

Knowing which disclaimer to use in each client scenario slows down sales activities. Don't let regulatory compliance take time away from your business opportunities and find out how efficient your process is compared to competitors.

Highly efficient companies score at least 80% on our assessment

Benchmark your efficiency level


Not efficient 

 There is no standard process to prepare sales materials to clients compliantly.


Low efficiency

Reactive process, lack of knowledge sharing and high dependence on compliance teams.


Average efficiency

Manual and time-consuming process, reliant on standardized presentations


Moderate efficiency

Mature environment with smart tools that speed up the process, but no disclaimers ready-to-go. 


High efficiency

Disclaimers are automatically available for copy and paste into tailored documents.

Measure your score

Download this assessment to benchmark your your efficiency level.

Find out what's your efficiency score when preparing presentations to clients.


How quickly do you have compliant sales materials ready to be shared with clients?


Do you suffer to prepare customised sales materials for global customers?


How sure are you that you added all the required disclaimers and footnotes?

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