How Apiax successfully digitised cross-border compliance 

rules for a global universal bank in Singapore


Digitising cross-border knowledge

Find out how a global universal bank with a strong client base in Singapore now effortlessly tailors their service and product offerings to clients across markets. In this report, you will learn about:

Project requirements and objectives

Challenges and solutions

Outcomes and benefits

Why digitise a cross-border compliance framework?

These are the main motivators to invest in digitising a cross-border framework:



Availability of country-specific rules

for global jurisdictions

A repository of machine-readable rules that 

covers all regions

Harmonised and structured regulatory terms

across global jurisdictions

A rule taxonomy that harmonises and structures 

regulatory content

Easy accessibility of country-specific

do's and don'ts

A web app where employees can access 

answers to cross-border questions

Full control over regulatory requirements

for regulatory experts

A platform where legal teams can customise 

rules and keep them up-to-date 


Compliance in a global world

Singapore Perspective

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